Sunday, October 17, 2010


October 9, 2010
Sandy Creek Park, GA

I retrieved Tessa from the kennel yesterday. She was a little off, probably just trying to get her bearings much like I was, I guess, but other than that the same playful and mischievous dog I dropped off three weeks ago. She lost almost 9 lbs which is a lot for her - about 15% of her weight - however, she seems healthy and very energetic. Probably just the stress of the kennel environment, and loss of some muscle mass since she did not get to run free for the entire time.

The kennel, a local vet actually, said she did wonderfully, had a good appetite, no diarrhea, and they thought she was just plain adorable. I had ordered one hour/day of playtime in the day care for her (it's $ 5 per hour) and they said she loved it so much and they loved her so much that she got more than the hour each day. I think trading the off-leash running for more attention and play time was a good call. It's easier to get a dog back into physical shape than trying to fix the mental toll isolation might take on my little social butterfly.

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