Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Craggy Gardens

July 6, 2010
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

While waiting for the other folks of our ShipAway group to get going and meet up with us, we thought we better take advantage of the most gorgeous mountain summer weather and took a quick trip up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It turned out to be anything but quick, since there were several road blocks due to construction, with long waits each time. We finally arrived at the Craggy Gardens where we were rewarded by wonderful views in all directions. This was much different from that foggy day in October 2005, when I was here with a different set of friends and a different dog, my late American Bulldog Milka and not a care or worry and health wise, only a few subtle signs that something was amiss, without yet knowing what was about to hit me 5 weeks later. And Milka just one year old with a long life ahead of her, that unfortunately was cut short three years later.

Obviously, we did not have a good view back in 2005. For some reason we thought we may want to go for a hike, but learned at the visitor center that it was hunting season, and that bear hunters are out there with their dogs, and the dogs were said to be very ornery, and we didn't feel like dealing with bears, guns and ornery dogs so we went on to hike Mt. Mitchell further down the road.

I left here thinking we'd be back some day in sunny weather. Little did I know it would be 5 years later with a new set of friends, a different dog and completely changed outlook on life - and death.

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