Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great Escape

July 6, 2010
Black Mountain, NC

This morning we put out the dogs while having breakfast. I walked the entire fence to make sure that it was secure and that there were no gaps, and went back inside. Koda was soon brought in but we left Tessa outside. She spent some time at the back door, not liking to be locked out, then remembered she can actually enjoy herself in that nice little yard. A bit later, the phone rings. It was Don's elderly mother who lives next door. When I heard Don look out the window and say "Oh shit!" and "I knew it!" I thought that his mother had a health crisis and the ambulance had just pulled up. My heart sank. It turned out that his mother was fine, but had spotted a dog that may be Tessa running around my car which was parked in front of the house - my heart sank again! We all rushed outside and she came right up when called.I doubt that she would have ventured far - she was just trying to find another way in to join her people but still, the potential of her getting hurt or lost was there. Thank you Mrs. Blankenship for being such a good neighbor! :)

It seems like she had pushed up the gate pole that was anchored in the gravel. After this incident, we padlocked the gate.

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