Saturday, September 22, 2012

Four Years

September 20, 2012

Four years ago today I headed to Columbus, GA, with a check and a crate and picked up my Tessa. In those four years she has taught me a few things about birds and a lot about how best to live life. Some of the lessons were (clockwise):

1. Go fishing often.
2. Never turn down a ride in a spaceship.
3. Always clean your plate.
4. Keep an eye on those ducks.
5. Feel the wind.
6. Appreciate the dawn of each new day.
7. Think outside the box.
8. When you come to a fork in the road, be sure to take it.
9. Jump for joy at least once a day.
10. Never stop wondering or pondering.
11. Stay close to the ones you love.
12. Pursue your passion.

She's truly an inspiration!


September 15, 2012
Jersey, GA

Tessa finally clicked with the ducks today. Never having paid them much attention, she surprised one near the shore, and when it took off across the pond, Tessa gave chase - a water chase. Now, ducks are fast, smart and cunning. Just as a dog draws near, they fast forward by flying a short distance only to settle just out of reach of the dog again. Sometimes they dive and there is not telling where they surface.  Tessa was tenacious though, in hot pursuit until the duck reached the other side of the pond, at which point it curved around and the two were headed back across again. Eventually, the duck flew off.

Tessa was a changed dog after this - she would pay very close attention to any ducks in the water and in the air as a large amount of them transferred from pond to pond. I was glad to see such interest, and we may do some duck work after all.

My Shadow

September 14, 2012
[at home]

It's not that I feel watched or anything...

Sunday Stroll

 September 9, 2012
Madison, GA

The weather was so beautiful today, that I decided to go on an impromptu road trip. Well, it was more of a Sunday outing. We cruised through beautiful Greene County - which was very lush - and stopped in Greensboro, before heading to Buckhead and Madison.

Madison has a new city park, Town Park, which is quite beautiful. Tessa was ready to test out Cooke Fountain!
Daniel Morgan 


September 6, 2012
[at home]

Watching one convention or another, but politics don't interest her.


August 18, 2012
Jersey, GA 

Tessa (farther out) swims with her friend Greta, a 7-year old GSP.  Little did we know that this would be the last time we would see Greta who died unexpectedly three weeks later. 

Greta was a rescue. She came to our NAVHDA group a little aloof, a little grumpy, and turned gunshy somewhere along the line. But Steve kept on working and living with her, and she came around nicely. She overcame her gun-shyness, and seemed much more at ease with everything and everyone. She did well with the duck searches. Somehow, this dog was always dear to me - some dogs just have a way...

RIP Greta.

Puppy Pond

 August 18, 2012
Jersey, GA

NAVHDA training day consisted mostly of the water reward, after she did pretty well on the birds. 

The Push-Off

August 16, 2012
Athens, GA

DD Sabbatical

 August 12, 2012
Athens, GA 

Sadly, we have not been to any dock diving events this entire season but every so often, I check to see if she still has it in her. She has. So next year, we will make a better effort. I miss those events and the ribbon collecting!