Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hallelujah, A Beach!

 April 7, 2013
Jekyll Island, GA

After a walk on Driftwood Beach, we found a small, secluded piece of beach bordered by some rocks, so I decided to let her go for a little exercise. Having a dog that loves frisbees and tennis balls, loves to fetch, jump and run is a true blessing during road trips. There is always a way to give them a good workout somewhere.


April 7, 2013
Jekyll Island, GA

After not visiting Fort Clinch in Florida, we hurried back to Georgia and straight to Jekyll Island for an afternoon on the beach. It was great. The first stop was Driftwood Beach, where driftwood and crippled trees form a surreal landscape. Driftwood Beach is at the northern end of the island, which is slowly eroding away and being deposited on the southern end of Jekyll Island. It's a great place to watch and photograph the sunrise, but unfortunately, our motel was in Brunswick, so no sunrise-watching for us this time. 

This is an old photo from 13 years ago:


April 7, 2013
Camden County, GA

For our annual Spring road trip, I decided to take U.S. 301 from Orangeburg, SC down to Folkston, GA. The plan was to spend the night in Jesup but I couldn't find the motel for the life of me, and Jesup didn't have too much photographic appeal, so we left U.S. 301 and crossed over to Brunswick, GA, and continued down U.S. 17 to Florida the next day.

Here we are at the Georgia-Florida state line, the St. Mary's river. Tessa is looking over to the Sunshine State, which didn't have much sunshine for us that day, but I always wanted to visit Fort Clinch so we continued on to Fernandina Beach. An hour later we arrived at the gate to Fort Clinch State Park, and were assured that dogs were allowed around the fort, just not inside the fort. Sadly, after we arrived at the entrance to the fort grounds, with the fort located out of sight somewhere behind the dunes, we were told that dogs were only allowed in the parking lot. Well, that is just dumb. Why would anyone pay $ 4 to walk the dog in a parking lot? I don't leave my dog in the car unattended, and definitely not on a humid day, so we left. We never even saw the beach much less Fort Clinch. 

That was Tessa's first exposure to Florida. I would like to try again one day but I do remember now that it is much less dog friendly than Georgia and South Carolina, so more research is needed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Fools

April 1, 2013
Athens, GA

Tessa sees squatters on her field. This must be some bad Aprils Fools joke!

Race Me!

March 30, 2013
Oconee County, GA

Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

March 25, 2013
Athens, GA

Well, the azaleas are out as usual, but what you can't see is the cold. This spring has seen below average temperatures with a cold wind blowing on top of that. I am ready for some warmth!

Spring Forward!

 March 20, 2013
Sandy Creek Park, GA

Lessons Learned

March 16, 2013
Jersey, GA

Start of a new NAVHDA training season. We learned that Bama, our friend's new GSP, is as fast as Tessa but Tessa is "smarter" than Bama, turning tight corners and outsmarting him constantly. Bama will learn in due time, I am sure. Dewi, busy running through the fields looking for birds thought both Bama and Tessa were fools to waste their time chasing each other. Tessa "un"learned proper bird handling and I learned that she has very, very sharp teeth. While trying to pry a bird out of her mouth she bit down on my thumb, adding injury to insult. It bled pretty badly, thankfully thumb and nail are still attached and we had two first aid kits to work with. 

Maybe next month we actually...train.

Kung-Fu Happy Hour

March 12, 2013
Sandy Creek Park, GA

Happy Hour is back! Sandy Creek Park is now open until 8 p.m. meaning we can go play after work.