Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lessons Learned

March 16, 2013
Jersey, GA

Start of a new NAVHDA training season. We learned that Bama, our friend's new GSP, is as fast as Tessa but Tessa is "smarter" than Bama, turning tight corners and outsmarting him constantly. Bama will learn in due time, I am sure. Dewi, busy running through the fields looking for birds thought both Bama and Tessa were fools to waste their time chasing each other. Tessa "un"learned proper bird handling and I learned that she has very, very sharp teeth. While trying to pry a bird out of her mouth she bit down on my thumb, adding injury to insult. It bled pretty badly, thankfully thumb and nail are still attached and we had two first aid kits to work with. 

Maybe next month we actually...train.

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