Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boiled Peanuts!

January 18, 2015
Wilkes County, GA 

The Foreman

January 17, 2015
Oconee County, GA

UGA's Red Barn is being moved - again.

Built in 1915, the UGA barn stood at the intramural fields on Lake Herrick until it was moved in 1997, to a pasture on Milledge Avenue. I photographed it often, and even explored the dilapidated inside, until a storm blew off parts of the building, rendering it structurally unsound. A fence was put up and the barn was left to gradually fall apart. I was worried.

Last year, Tony Townley, an executive for Zaxby's, bought the barn and it is currently being dismantled and moved to his farm in Oconee County. He bought the farmland from UGA as well. I am glad to hear that the Red Barn will live on. Reconstruction seems to be happening fast, so it should be back in its old glory for its 100th birthday this year.

At The Office

January 17, 2015
Jersey, GA

The Couch Potato

January 12, 2015
At Home


January 10, 2015
Commerce, GA 

Out To Pasture

January 10, 2015
Commerce, GA 

This is my favorite junkyard, but one has to be mindful of the cows that share the pasture with the old cars. 

"When I grow up, I wanna be a hood ornament."

January 10, 2015
Commerce, GA 

Mind Games

January 10, 2015
Commerce, GA

She can open hoods with her mind!

Hello, 2015!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2015!

Good-Bye, 2014!

December 31, 2014
Morgan County (GA)

Christmas Walk Tradition

December 25, 2014
Athens, GA

Home Improvement

December 14, 2014
Athens, GA

Sunday morning visit to Lowe's. We went to buy a furnace filter, and ended up looking at EVERYthing. Even doors and light bulbs were incredibly interesting - says Tessa. In the plumbing section, we ran into a nice man who used to hunt pheasant in Wisconsin, and quail in Indiana, with his GSPs and GWP. Turned out, he spent some time in Giessen, Germany (near where I am from) during the Occupation after WWII. I thanked him for occupying us. Random conversations with strangers, are some of the moments in life that I treasure.


December 7, 2014
Jersey, GA

First hunt of the season, and what a gorgeous morning it was! During the 3-hour hunt, Tessa was steady to wing - and shot - 90% of the time. Tessa usually stays put until I release her (for safety reasons I insist on this) but since I was busy taking a photo of her on point, she took it upon herself to move toward the bird that had just fallen. While that produced a cool photo, it irked me a bit that we quit on that note; then again, some hunters prefer the dog taking off as the bird falls, as to not lose track of it, although we never had a problem with that. 

As we were packing up,  Tessa went on point a few feet from the truck - Chris had to unpack and reload his gun, and we added another 20 minutes to the hunt - which was fine with us!


November 28, 2014
Sandy Creek Park, GA

Sunday Walk

November 2, 2014
Athens, GA 

The Canine Delinquent

October 30, 2014
Oconee County, GA

This looks worrisome and God knows that there are many things she does that are are punishable by human law. But today, she got in trouble for being cuter than the legal limit! The sheriff stopped to talk to the farmers and then Tessa stole the show. Being from Minnesota, he once owned a GSP himself, and loves the breed.