Sunday, January 25, 2015


December 7, 2014
Jersey, GA

First hunt of the season, and what a gorgeous morning it was! During the 3-hour hunt, Tessa was steady to wing - and shot - 90% of the time. Tessa usually stays put until I release her (for safety reasons I insist on this) but since I was busy taking a photo of her on point, she took it upon herself to move toward the bird that had just fallen. While that produced a cool photo, it irked me a bit that we quit on that note; then again, some hunters prefer the dog taking off as the bird falls, as to not lose track of it, although we never had a problem with that. 

As we were packing up,  Tessa went on point a few feet from the truck - Chris had to unpack and reload his gun, and we added another 20 minutes to the hunt - which was fine with us!

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