Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Foreman

January 17, 2015
Oconee County, GA

UGA's Red Barn is being moved - again.

Built in 1915, the UGA barn stood at the intramural fields on Lake Herrick until it was moved in 1997, to a pasture on Milledge Avenue. I photographed it often, and even explored the dilapidated inside, until a storm blew off parts of the building, rendering it structurally unsound. A fence was put up and the barn was left to gradually fall apart. I was worried.

Last year, Tony Townley, an executive for Zaxby's, bought the barn and it is currently being dismantled and moved to his farm in Oconee County. He bought the farmland from UGA as well. I am glad to hear that the Red Barn will live on. Reconstruction seems to be happening fast, so it should be back in its old glory for its 100th birthday this year.

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