Saturday, September 22, 2012


September 15, 2012
Jersey, GA

Tessa finally clicked with the ducks today. Never having paid them much attention, she surprised one near the shore, and when it took off across the pond, Tessa gave chase - a water chase. Now, ducks are fast, smart and cunning. Just as a dog draws near, they fast forward by flying a short distance only to settle just out of reach of the dog again. Sometimes they dive and there is not telling where they surface.  Tessa was tenacious though, in hot pursuit until the duck reached the other side of the pond, at which point it curved around and the two were headed back across again. Eventually, the duck flew off.

Tessa was a changed dog after this - she would pay very close attention to any ducks in the water and in the air as a large amount of them transferred from pond to pond. I was glad to see such interest, and we may do some duck work after all.

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