Saturday, June 11, 2011


April 27, 2011
[at home]

I took Tessa to the vet today to get some advice in regards to her right hind leg which she has been favoring for a while. She is not limping, and jumps, runs, plays as usual, but when she is standing or getting up there is a little stiffness and the leg seems a bit unstable. Having been through two torn ACLs with Milka I am worried so I took her in.

The vet tried his best to perform the drawer motion test - manipulation of the knee in a way that allows for the joint to move in a drawer motion, which is the tell-tale sign of a ruptured ligament - but was unable to get that motion. This could mean that the ligament is intact, or Tessa could have tensed her muscles to counteract that motion. The test is best done under sedation so we will repeat it when she is out for her x-rays which we will take next month.

The vet discussed "cruciate ligament tears and their repairs" with me although that was not really what I wanted to hear (again)! He suggested that for now, to rest her for three weeks, limiting her activity, no off-leash running or play, but thankfully, controlled leash walks are okay. After three weeks, we will up the exercise level carefully. She is also now on Cosequin which is a joint supplement that has excellent reviews from pet owners and vets. He strongly urged me to put her on it whether or not this is a more chronic injury, because she is such an active working breed.

I didn't realize until I came home which breed is represented on the box of the supplement. I take that as a good omen.

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