Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mt. Mitchell - The Top

June 5, 2011
Mt. Mitchell, NC

The last time I was here was October 12, 2005, with two German friends and my American Bulldog Milka. We came on foot, a 2-hour hike one way. It was strenuous at times but not too bad, still, I felt strangely exhausted when I arrived at the top. Little did I know it was the first sign of a major health crisis to come, and with it, many life changes.

Six years later I was back on top of the highest mountain east of the Mississippi, with my new dog Tessa but again in the company of some good friends. We arrived in a comfortable Honda Pilot, a much easier ascend than back in 2005. The observation tower has since been replaced with a newer, wheelchair accessible one, but the views were as stunning as ever.

Tessa was the perfect model up here, posing any which way and for as long as I needed her to. Here she rummages through my camera bag in search of her pay - cookies!

Atop the old tower, October 12, 2005:

Milka [2004 - 2008]

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