Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Rock

May 3, 2015
Lake Hartwell, SC

This was a very rough weekend. My 2-day trip to South Georgia was foiled by some unexpected car trouble - very minor, but badly timed. We never left Athens on Saturday. 

After unpacking, I decided on a day trip to the Macon, GA area on Sunday. Packed again, drove 2 hours to Macon and made my first stop for a photograph when I saw that my camera's battery was completely dead. No back-up battery, no back-up camera, this being a relatively short trip.

These batteries hold a charge for a long time - I usually only charge it once a month when it's at about 30 % or so. I noticed that I had left the camera turned on, but even that would not have drained the battery to that extent. I have since recharged the battery but it appears it doesn't charge to 100% even if the indicator says it does. Time to replace.

I drove 2 hours back to Athens  (200-mile roundtrip), switched out batteries, and left for South Carolina. That went much better, but my 2-day photo trip had dwindled to a half-day rambling, which was disappointing.

On the way back, Tessa and I stopped at Lake Hartwell, always so very nice. It was the perfect day. She was the perfect travel companion, and model, and helped me recenter myself. Dogs are amazing that way.

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