Friday, June 29, 2012

Toys R Us

June 25, 2012
[at home]

Tessa loves her toys - a lot. She is my first dog that actually cares about toys, and so much so, that she more than makes up for the lack of interest that my previous two dogs displayed. The "turtle", the "cow" and the "dogtopus" are her favorites but there are another 15 that get their fair share of attention.  There's quite a collection and I think we owe our good fortune of long-lasting toys to the fact that Tessa is not a chewer - she is obsessed with carrying them through the house and occasionally, she tosses them in the air. She also loves to drop them behind the sofa; unable to reach them there, she expects me to retrieve them. I am not as passionate a retriever and grew tired of the game, so at any given time, half of the toy collections resides underneath the sofa. I retrieve them when we run low.

Tessa knows all their names, so if I ask her to fetch "Rocky" she does. Yes, it gets silly around here sometimes.

"Rocky" and "Igel" (German word for hedgehog) enjoying a reprieve.

The "cow" could use a bath.

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