Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Back Hunt

March 11, 2012
Jersey, GA

Brag! After I returned from Germany and picked up Tessa from the boarding/training kennel, we embarked on the last hunt of the season and Tessa did great - steady to wing and shot, every time, still flagging but holding her points nicely, and quite cooperative. Her range tightened just a tad, probably because she pays more attention to what I'm doing, which is a good thing, as she didn't get lost this time. Looks like the obedience crackdown spilled over into the field.

Lots of birds today...including several pheasants, sadly they flew off before the dogs got a chance to work them, except for one, and that one escaped the gun.

16-year old Shane had a malfunction - he collapsed, possibly a seizure, but thankfully came right around, got up on his own and spent the remainder of the hunt resting comfortably in the truck.

15-month old Rhys is looking good.

After all the hard work the dogs put in today, we humans rewarded ourselves with lunch at Longhorn's. OMG that was a good burger!

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