Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's A New Day, A New Dawn, A New Season

March 17, 2012
Jersey, GA

Back to the plantation for the first NAVHDA training day of the season. Tessa fell apart. It baffles me that she hunts well, but as soon as she is in a training setting, she falls back to her old bad habits as if a switch has turned. Not sure where to go from here, or if we should go there at all.

I had not planned on putting her in the field at all except for some backing, but Snoopy, during his very first outing in a bird field, got spooked by something - not a bird and not gun fire - so we brought in Tessa to put him at ease. The trick worked. Tessa showed up and Snoopy immediately was his old self again and continued hunting with Tessa - who found the three birds quickly but was not steady to wing this time. After her great performance just a week ago, this was disappointing to see.

We did some backing later that morning, on the check cord, then went for a swim. Overall, still a good outing, but I need to re-evaluate how to proceed.

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