Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Runs

January 2, 2012
Athens, GA

The last day of our holiday break - since it is a Monday when Sandy Creek Park is closed we had to make do with two fields in town. At first we went to Lake Herrick, good for fetching tennis balls at full speed, then we proceeded to the abandoned cow pasture which has been a true blessing over the past few weeks. 15-plus fenced acres of meadow with a little hill in the middle and a good-size pond on the far side. Lots of paths through the clumpy grass, courtesy of the cows that once resided here. Some briar patches and shrubs where tons of birds gather, attracting bird dogs and bird watchers alike. There always seems to be a breeze, and this piece of land feels so much bigger than it actually is. Much to our liking.

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