Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hunt No. 4

January 22, 2012
Jersey, GA

Back at the plantation today. The wind whipped around a bit, and everything was very wet from the fog and drizzle, and scents must have been all over the place, more so than usual, because the noses were working overtime. It was fun to watch Tessa quite literally being drawn through the fields by the invisible string of a scent, nose up in the air, and sometimes low on the ground. Even when she stopped for a moment, sitting next to me, her nose would wiggle in the air.

Unfortunately, Rhys busted quite a few birds, and we all agreed that this has quickly become a bad habit we need to break. Fortunately, Tessa didn't join him in the fun or try to beat him to it.

Tessa on point with Rhys and Shane were honoring in the distance.

Tessa held this point quite a while as it took me a few minutes to get to her. I was happy to see no flagging here - still rare for her.

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