Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tessa & The Birds

October 9, 2008
Sandy Creek Park, GA

While I try to take Tessa to as many different settings as possible, we spend a lot of time at Sandy Creek Park, because it has so much to offer. We typically cross six open fields, spent some time near the beach, walk by the boggy shoreline, and hike through the woods. This particular field is huge - the photo only shows half of it - and I love the openess of it. It's a good place to start and end our outings.

The day before this photo was taken we were here in the pouring rain which was fun for only about 10 minutes. The weather had since cleared but there were still many puddles in the grass which attracted a lot of birds - you can see some of them in the form of four black dots in the distance. Tessa spotted them right away and pointed a couple of times but unfortunately, I was not quick enough with the camera.

This is my first bird dog and I am totally clueless as to what they are supposed to do as puppies. Right now, I am just trying to expose her to different terrains and fields on a long check cord and watch her do her thing. She usually sees and hears birds and shows interest, however, with her nose either on the ground or up sniffing the air pretty much all the time she seems to get distracted by whatever scent she follows - or does she? Who knows!

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