Friday, December 19, 2008


Jubilee's Absolute Autumn Punch
September 28, 2008
Sandy Creek Park, GA

On September 20, 2008, I drove from Athens to Columbus to pick up my new canine friend, a beautiful and energetic 11-week-old German Shorthaired Pointer pup named Anna, now known as Tessa.

I am new to this breed, coming from 20 years of owning American Bulldogs, and I am not sure where we are headed - field trials, agility and therapy work are some of our goals. For now, we spend our time with lots of play, some travel, basic obedience and conditioning for possible future field work.

My photography takes me across Georgia quite frequently, dog in tow, so one prerequisite for all my dogs is they have to travel well. So far, this has been no problem for Tessa who spent the 4-hour ride home from Columbus quietly asleep in her travel crate.

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