Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hawk Watch!

September 19, 2015
Cesar's Head, SC

We were on Caesar's Head, SC, for about 2 hours, not too many birds (total for the day were 161 broad-winged hawks)but we got to witness something really cool: a peregrine falcon and a broad-winged hawk circling each other, the falcon (resident) defending its territory, and the hawk (migrating) trying to catch the thermal for the glide south. The bird watchers got really excited since there was a possibility that the falcon would take the hawk out mid-air. Not a pretty sight, we were told, but this face-off was a rare treat so close to the overlook. The hawk made it. 

It's difficult to take a photo of a dog up here. It's small quarters, and usually packed. For this photo, the overlook was cooperating nicely - some kind onlookers on the left (outside the frame) made a bunch of noises and whistles to get Tessa to look in that direction (into the light), instead of the opposite.

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