Sunday, February 9, 2014

Upland Hunters

 January 26, 2014
Walton County, GA

Group shot of the whole gang (from left to right: Rhys, Chris, Tessa, Dewi, Paul). I cannot quite remember what went on here, we don't usually hunt THAT close. Tessa and the Setters have a different hunting style, with Tessa usually further out, the Setters closer to Paul, and Chris working the entire field. 

Today, we were outsourced off the plantation onto the field on the other side of town. The boundaries of this areas are marked by barbed wire fences plus a busy road on one side, meaning, if the birds fly out of bounds, there is no way to hunt them up again. Technically. Dewi and Rhys both weaved themselves through the barbed wire after two birds, leaving some hair behind but managing without injuries, only to hit a patch of Spanish thistle; they are probably still in removal "surgery". I kept Tessa off the barbed wire and the thistles were no problem for her. 

In the end, we had 10 of 12 birds, one having escaped towards the road, another alighted in a tree past the thistle patch. 

The advantage of this piece of land is that it suits itself well to photography, with good, uncluttered backdrops. Still, we will request not to be put here again.

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