Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Got A Tag As Big As - Texas?

October 2, 2012
[at home]

Tessa was due for her rabies and corona shots today, and needed a heart worm check. Since she had a reaction to one or more vaccines in a batch of many, when she was a puppy, she is classified as a pre-treat for DHPP and rabies. So I dropped her off at the vet in the morning and picked her up after work. All went well.

As I paid the bill, I pulled her new rabies tag from the packet and to my surprise it was big, and oddly shaped. Only states have that kind of crazy shape. No cute heart, circle or fire hydrant. And not giving it much further thought, I asked why the rabies tag has the shape of Georgia whereupon the office staff replied: "Uhm...that's not Georgia. It's actually the shape of Texas."

And it sure is. Of course I knew that Georgia does not have such a ragged shape. It just didn't occur to me that a dog vaccinated in Georgia by a Georgia veterinarian would receive a Texas tag. But I guess it's possible and for the next three years, we will have to live with a huge Texas shaped tag adorning the collar of my Georgia girl!

After the initial shock I was able to accept it, and I don't think Tessa even knows what a state is.

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