Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beam Me Up, Jody!

April 11, 2012
Bowman, SC

Tessa is posing in front of the UFO Welcome Center, built in 1994 by Jody Pendarvis. It's made of wood, plastic, and fiberglass, and rumor has it that it's held together by only eight screws. It used to feature a powered ramp, and inside had a bed, shower and toilet. Pendarvis considered himself an  ambassador to aliens and wanted to provide a facility where they could rest after their long journeys. Pendarvis himself started living in the Welcome Center during the summers, because it was cooler than his trailer which is located right behind this structure.

There used to be a fence around the Center, and one could tour the inside for an admission fee of $ 1 initially, said to have risen to $ 20 in 2005. The fence is now gone,  the Center is in very sad disrepair, and the whole property looked quite abandoned, although I was not sure. 

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