Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow! [Day 3]

January 12, 2011
Athens, GA

On the third day, the sun finally came out and while this started the thaw, things still looked pretty much like a winter wonderland. UGA continued to be closed with maintenance crews working all day to clear all sidewalks, stairs and entrances of the ice and snow. My car was sitting on a big patch of solid ice that would not thaw so we couldn't drive anywhere exciting. Instead, Tessa and I went for a 2-hour walk around campus, to check on the state of things and to inspect various snowmen around campus.

Tessa in the snow fort on Myers Quad. She ended up swallowing the snowman's nose - pretty much whole. I wasn't sure what a frozen carrot - whole - would do in her stomach but it was handled well. Except for a bout of really bad gas that evening, there were no ill effects.

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